Aldest Water Treatment

We are pleased to offer the Aldest Water Treatment System a complete flocculation, coagulation and chlorine dioxide system - “The Solution is Clear” to improve your water clarity.

For over 20 years, Aldest Inc. has specialized in water treatment using advanced technologies and know-how to improve water quality in different sectors. Aldest products help our clients achieve exceptional water quality while reducing the use of chemicals. The environment and health are at the heart of the business. Savings achieved from using Aldest technologies are also valued by our customers. Among those are municipalities, water parks, zoos, aquariums, as well as engineers, architects, consultants and specialists in the design of swimming pools and spas. Our non-toxic, non-hazardous high quality products CettaClear, AldFloo, and CettaOxyd are used in our water treatment process, ensuring outstanding water quality as well as environmental protection.

Water quality is of upmost importance to us, providing crystal clear, microbiological safe and healthy water in your facility.  Our method of water treatment achieves a quality that corresponds to the highest standards such as those used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently, Aldest Water Treatment system is used in over forty countries worldwide.

Comfort and health for the users are also priorities for us. By swimming in healthy quality water, the bather as well as lifeguards and staff are exposed less to the by-products of disinfection that can be harmful to health in the long term. Substantial savings in fresh water, energy and chemicals are achieved with the use of our technology, which can significantly reduce the operating costs of the pool.

Upgrading your facility to the Aldest Water Treatment requires no changes to the existing filtration system and no major investments are necessary.

An example of the efficiency of the Aldest Water Treatment System: