Neptune Defender Filters

Watson Pools Inc is proud to offer ecologically advanced technology in the Defender commercial filtration system that is that is both economical and environmentally friendly.  The Neptune Defender Filter Series offers filtration to 1 micron while reducing backwash volume by 90%, saving water, chemical and heating costs.

Over the last 55 years, Neptune-Benson has become a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of aquatic components. Product innovations like Defender® Filters have elevated Neptune-Benson’s popularity as a company with vision.

The Defender® filter virtually eliminates the tremendous amount of backwash water associated with sand filter operation. Instead of reverse flushing, as with a sand filter, Defender® simply discharges the spent media directly to waste and is recharged from time to time.

The basic difference between the Defender® filter and conventional high-rate sand filters is the operating premise. Sand filters function utilizing depth filtration while the Defender® functions with surface filtration.

Comparatively, the Defender® filter incorporates about 10 times (10X) the filter area of a similarly sized sand filter and the particles removed from the water are retained on the surface of many fabric covered flex tubes.

The sand filter traps the same dirt particles deep in the media bed until backwashing is required. The process of lifting or fluidizing the bed takes time and in some cases, tens of thousands of gallons to backwash out the collected particles. With the Defender® filter, simply emptying the vessel releases the particles collected during the filter cycle.

The Defender® filter will save approximately 90-95% of waste water associated with sand filter backwashing. Backwashing time for a sand filter may range from 4-6 minutes- with a frequency requirement of twice a week. Defender® Filter cleaning and maintenance requires a monthly media dump. The exact intervals are bather-load dependent. Media dumping discharges a quantity equivalent of two tank volumes.

In a socio-economic climate promoting “green” building products and “sustainability”, Defender® is the earth-friendly solution for pristine pool water. Advantages include saving millions of gallons of water and waste; delivering superior pool water quality; saving on costly mechanical room space; and saving chemicals, fuel costs and energy. From Australia to Dubai and numerous US locations, aquatic professionals have selected and specified Defender®.