Equipment & Parts

Watson Pools Inc offers a full line of commercial equipment, parts, chemicals and reagents including:
  • Controllers & Probes - ChemTrol, Accutrol, Prominent
  • Test Kits & Reagents - Taylor, Lamotte Colour-Q, Photometric, Turbidity Meters
  • Chemicals - Mursatt, Natural Chemistry, Bulk
  • Chemical Injection Pumps and Parts - Stenner, LMI, Prominent, Blue White
  • Filtration Systems - high rate sand, cartridge, element & media
  • Circulation Pumps - Pentair, Jacuzzi, Hayward, StaRite
  • Pool & Spa Heaters & Heat Exchangers (frame & plate and tube style)
  • Thermometers, Flow Meters
  • VGB Compliant Main Drains & Covers
  • Skimmer Parts, inlets, deck accessories & gutter drain grating
  • Maintenance Equipment & Supplies
  • Robotic Vacuums - Dolphin
  • Deck equipment, lifeguard chairs, commercial ladders
Our experienced staff can locate available equipment and parts quickly to help keep your facilities up and running.

Call us today for all of your equipment and parts needs!